This book is a must-have for any centre”

Early Childhood Council, Swings and Roundabouts, 2011

A book busting with clever things to make and do with young children using materials you find at home or recycling waste materials. Particularly aimed at early childhood centres (and written by a kindergarten teacher) but with ideas that could be put to use at home too, and with extra encouragement for men to be involved with this age group. Packed with colour photographs for added inspiration”

Family Times, Crissi Blair, 2012

One man’s rubbish is definitely another’s treasure in this resource for early learners. This book has hundreds of different ideas to use ‘trash’, all recorded in clear, colourful photographs. What’s interesting is how inventive you can be with materials that would normally end up in the dump.”

Enviroschools, Northland, 2011

This book is an absolute treasure, an informative guide to the work and play being promoted by the amazing Adam Buckingham.”

Childspace, Robin Christie, 2011

Adam Buckingham is passionate about using the detritus of modern life to create a huge range of activities and experiences for young children. This book contains hundreds of different ways of using “trash” and these are recorded in clear, colourful photographs from a range of centres. As I trawled through these photographs I was struck by how inventive people have been with stuff that would usually end up in our rubbish bins and dumps. The range of experiences and resources seems to be limited only by human imagination. The author obviously has a mission to raise awareness of a number of important issues, apart from the value of using cast-offs rather than dumping these things…”

ChildForum, Reviewed by Sue Hurst, 2011

This first book by Adam Buckingham provides inspiration and ideas on how solid waste materials from the home environment can be incorporated into an early childhood centre’s environment. 
Enjoy looking through the creative ways Adam has come up with to reuse waste.”

Enviroschools, Resources we love, 2011

This book proves that one person’s trash really is another person’s treasure. Adam Buckingham presents ideas on how waste materials can be used to educate and entertain children in this brightly coloured, well laid out book. He also demonstrates some inspirational storage solutions using recycled materials, and suggests ways of getting family members involved. With over 200 colour pictures that Adam Buckingham hopes inspire you and provide ideas from himself and other educators from around New Zealand. Ideas on what can be incorporated from solid waste materials, and the home environment, into an early childhood centre’s environment.”

Auckland University Bookshop, 2012

This very cool book by NZEI member Adam Buckingham, called turning trash into treasure for young children, showcases some great projects. Turning wooden packing into cars, make mobiles out of bike wheels, make activity centres out of old engines and electrical gear – there are dozens of inspiring ideas, with gorgeous pictures from centres around the country. The book also has some great tips on how to involve dads in your centre or kindergarten. Adam is one of very few men working in ECE in New Zealand, and he’s keen to encourage others to be involved.”

Education Aotearoa, 2012

The book is a celebration of things we do in NZ. It is about engaging teachers and the community to join together to help sustainability – to make something useful out of trash, so they can re-use things.”

Education Weekly, 2012

 Be inspired by this innovative book written by a New Zealand early childhood teacher. All educators or interested parents will be stimulated by what they read”

Swings and Roundabouts, Trudi Sutcliffe, 2012

Author and early childhood teacher Adam Buckingham creates fabulous toys for kids out of repurposed everyday objects”

GOOD simple choices for a better life, 2012