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About Adam

Adam Buckingham is a registered early childhood teacher and he presents professional development workshops to teachers. He has varied experience, having worked in both community and private early childhood education. He is passionate about teaching, in particular encouraging fathers, technology, science and sustainability. He has given guest lectures at universities and given presentations to conferences in New Zealand and overseas.

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The Book

The book “Turning Trash into Treasure for Young Children” encourages collaboration, the operating model of the future, between educators, the community and industry.
Turning Trash into Treasure for Young Children is a wonderful tool for teaching our young minds about waste minimisation and the need to reduce, reuse and recycle.

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Adam is an experienced presenter and workshop facilitator. Topics delivered at early education centres include:
- Turning waste into toddler treasures.
- Incorporating waste materials into the curriculum from your community.
- Technology at the Workbench.
- Exploring technology with children.
- A man teaching young children.
- Air Water Earth Fire (Science).
- Engaging fathers.
- Rough and tumble play.

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